Center for Student Success Research


CSSR receives Campus Climate Improvement Grant from UMass Amherst

The CSSR received a UMass Amherst Campus Climate Improvement Grant for their project "Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Faculty Workshop." The project seeks to train faculty in principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and assist faculty participants in applying these principles in redesigning an aspect of one of their courses. 

The project will utilize a series of four workshops facilitated by personnel the CSSR and an external expert UDL trainer. Applications for participation will be open to faculty from across the university. Criteria for selecting the 15 faculty participants include: 1) disciplinary diversity among participants, 2) a range of teaching formats (such as large lecture, team-based learning, lab-based, computer classroom-based, and seminar), and 3) preference for courses taught every year to increase the impact of the program.

Faculty will attend 3-hour morning workshops across four consecutive weeks during April 2018. During these sessions, faculty will: 1) gain understanding of the climate-related social justice issues faced by students with disabilities on our campus and identify a feature or features of a course they teach that could benefit from redesign, 2) learn about the principles of UDL and how their realization can improve the climate for students with disabilities in courses, 3) learn how UDL can be implemented effectively in teaching and brainstorm promising practical opportunities for change in their courses, and 4) identify and plan the UDL-oriented changes they want to make in the course feature(s) they selected to redesign.

Learn more about the Campus Climate Improvement Grant Program at UMass Amherst here.