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The Center for Student Success Research sponsors workshops for graduate students and community members about a variety of topics. Did you miss an event? Here you can access experience some of our event virtually.


Tips and tricks on writing literature reviews

Learn more and view the handout of the workshop and the questions and answers that were discussed.


Lecture dean feldman

What does research tall us about the characteristics of today's undergraduates? And do our current students differ from students of prior generations? In his talk, Dean Feldman talks about who our students are, and what are the kinds of teaching strategies that best engage this newest generation of undergraduates.


Tips and Tricks on Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Applying for IRB is important but can be a hassle. Learn more by reading some of the tips and tricks we shared!

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Tips and tricks on Turning your paper into publication

Do you finally want to publish a paper? Read more and learn about some tips and tricks that make the process a little easier.


"Taking the Leap: Turning Your Paper Into a Publication"

The daylight hours are dwindling, the glow of exciting events like the ASHE Conference and Thanksgiving has faded, and the lure of the upcoming winter break is still too far away.....

Tips and Tricks on giving conference presentations.jpg

How to Present at an Academic Conference

View the handout and notes from the workshop on "How to Present at an Academic Conference".